Hear from expert speakers from some of China’s leading asset managers and financial services companies on how to access the onshore Chinese capital markets. They will discuss A Shares, Fixed income, Green Bonds, active and ETF funds as well as D Shares. (CPD points qualifying). Speakers are China CITIC Bank, HSBC GAM, China Post Global, DWS,CSOP (China Southern) and Haier Smarthome. (first D Share issuer). 

The event is for professional investors only.  The event will offer attendees an overview of how to access the onshore China A Share and fixed income markets using UCITS issued active and passive funds and also single stocks and Chinese Green Bonds.

  • Annie Shum, Head of International Sales, CSOP (China Southern) – working title – Advantages of allocating to Chinese large cap A Shares
  • Danny Dolan, Head of Europe, China Post Global (CPG) – working title – Using Smart Beta in a Chinese A Share World
  • Annie Zhu, Global head of trading, China CITIC Bank – working title – Chinese Green Bonds, Europe’s clean yield opportunity
  • Sophie Yao Sun, head of IR, Qing Dao Haier – working title – D Shares, China’s new European investment bridge
  • Olga Detapia, head of Passive, HSBC GAM – TBD
  • Sue Shu Shang, Strategy Asia & Europe, DWS – working title – TBD
  • Dr Zhu Junjun, CEINEX (hosts) – Introduction, overview and closing remarks

Please register per email (qualified B2B investors only): rsvp@ntree.co.uk